Small actions lead to a big change!!

“Giving is the greatest act of grace.”

We can not change someone’s entire life but can be a cause for a little change in their lives. For this purpose, me and my team have extended our hands for fundraising about Edhi Foundation.

Edhi Foundation is one of the most leading voluntarily service in Pakistan who provides their services 24/7 through ambulances, shelters, food and health care.

If I share our(me and my team) experience of collecting funds for this social cause, it would be really like a novel experience because we had never done fundraising before. At first, it was a little weird to ask for funds and being ignored by countless people, but the positive response and encouragement from unexpected ends kept us motivated. Moreover, the most surprising part was that people actually trusted us with their money which gave us a sense of immense responsibility and accountability.

We did the fundraising individually by spreading a message for donations in our own circles and later on shared our progress in our relevant group. As, this was our learning experience so we have experienced a lot more challenges in terms of time management, unwillingness of people towards funds giving, authenticity and convincing people to donate.

To overcome these challenges, we have gathered all our energy for this cause by managing our time, having patience, providing relevant and authentic information to people about Edhi Foundation so they got to know we are actually doing it and it is not a scam.

In two weeks of this project, we have experienced a lot of failure in terms of being ignored by people to whom we were asking for funds. But we have to accept the failure to move forward because if we get failed, and we are not trying to get succeed that means we do not want to be successful and positive. As, success and positivity comes from growth mindset which can only be possible when you accept your failures, get up again and keep trying till you get success.

This is the reason we had overcome our failure.

In last, I want to share a quote of Edhi Sahab which is quite motivating for all of us:



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