Okay so I have to share some of act of kindness I did in last 24 hours. But when I was recalling it I could hardly remember three or four of them which I want to share with you all.

So the first act I did was made a coffee for my family because I love coffee in winters and I treated my family with coffee as an act of kindness. Here is the attached picture of that coffee. P.S: (It was up to the mark, camera did not do justice with the pictures at all).

Second act I did was say Salam to the sweeper lady who was sweeping the road outside my house. I was just coming back to home after groceries and looked at her with smile and say Salam. Her expressions were priceless and I just can not describe what I was feeling at that time. With happy heart and smiling face, she replied me back asked about me and my family that how are they. I want to add one thing here, at that moment people were looking at me weirdly like I did something wrong but I knew what I was doing. She smiles just because of me, that was all I want. Moreover, I don’t have any picture of this act.

To ease someone when they are already having a burden is also an act of kindness and I did that with my fellow yesterday. She is our group leader, but due to her exams she could not find time to manage the meetings and all stuff. When we were conducting a meeting, my fellow has to leave early to prepare for her exams so she asked me privately that ‘Can I leave?’. I found this gesture really impressive and replied her with the given screenshot below which according to me is an act of kindness towards my fellow.

At the end, I want to say that world is full of negativity now a days so try to spread some good vibes from your side. Because, it hardly takes a moment to change someone’s perception about life and to put them in a better mood through your little efforts. If you’re kind to someone for a day, life would be kind to you someday. That’s all…


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