Beginning or an Ending…?

Aiman Hafeez
3 min readFeb 26, 2021


It is really hard to say good bye to a journey from where you learnt about different aspects of personal and professional development.

But, to move forward, saying this with heavy heart that Amal fellowship has came to an end. All started from the getting to know each fellow to the last session where we bid farewell as a batch 174.

Last session was to make us emotional as expected but it also gave so many life long lessons which we can keep with us for the lifetime.

Before the last session, we have planned to show gratitude towards our both facilitators Zaki and Namra. For that, we as a batch decided to write few words of appreciation for both of them and surprise them in between the session.

Session was started a bit earlier from the last session, so we made ourselves wakeup for the last time in sessions. Session was going on, and the facilitators were discussing on points related to the life after Amal, fellows, appreciations and other aspects that we have covered in the past three weeks.

During this discussion, Namra played a music which gave the vibes of sadness and it was making all of us emotional.

Later on, when the discussion was over, we fellows turned off our videos as per planned and Zaki was insisted us to open our camera foe the last time :p He did not know what was coming towards his way ♥️

Well, after the countdown for 3 2 1, we all opened our videos with the appreciation notes that we wrote for our facilitators. And they got surprised. It was the great and moments of the day for me. That feeling can not be described in words.

Appreciation notes from B-174

After the appreciation notes, Namra has shared a really cute appreciation note for us.

At the end of the session, one of the fellow sang songs to change the emotional vibes from the lighter vibes. In last, we applied different video filters from zoom and reacted heart on a single go for the last picture as a batch.

Moments from last session

Goodbyes are really hard, but every end has already keeps a new beginning within itself. ✨

“We lose the precious sense that an end is only a beginning in disguise.”

-Craig D. Louns brough