Academics are not enough for growth of an individual

In today’s world, where every one is running towards good degree, highly paid jobs and extravagant luxuries for life. No one is paying attention towards the personal and professional growth of an individual.

If degree, good qualification is important, then communication, team work, problem solving skills are also important. These terms basically named as soft skills which is an important part of everyone’s life and every individual should have to acquire these skills. These skills are not only limited to what I have mentioned but more than that it helps you for your personal and professional growth.

This is the issue that I want to highlight that in Pakistan we do not have much platforms to train our students to learn soft skills. With that, people do not have much awareness about the importance of learning soft skills. To fill this gap, I want to provide an online platform for students where they can learn soft skills along with the academics.

I observed this problem since my childhood. Because, in our schools or colleges, we were only taught to get good grades otherwise, we would be going to fail. And failing in exam was seemed to be failing in life.

So, in order to highlight this issue, I discussed it with my friends and some colleagues(did not took pictures of discussion) that how it is important to learn soft skills along with the academics. The responses were so positive but they highlighted that we usually do not get platform to learn those skills and this is why I highlighted this issue.

Then, I planned to create an online platform for students to learn those skills which would help them out through out their lives. As, during this pandemic online learning is really a good option and people can get a chance to learn soft skills in more comfortable ways.



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